Zep Boys In The News

The Zep Boys have received outstanding reviews from media outlets over the many years of performing in Australia and during our 2017 UK tour.

LED ZEPPELIN MASTERS blew the roof off Plymouth Pavilions

Steve Muscutt
April 28, 2017

I normally tend to steer well clear of tribute bands, they often try way too hard to LOOK the part and allow the music to take a back seat in the vain hope that people will be full of ale by the time they take to the stage and forget that they’re not seeing the real deal. I approached Plymouth Pavilions with a mixture of excitement and doubt, Led Zeppelin played a huge part in my musical awakening during my teenage years with their heady mix of blues, folk and classic rock, getting the chance to see an established bunch of musicians playing their music did appeal to me. Couple this with a full 35 piece orchestra and it tipped the balance in their favour, I WAS looking forward to the show.

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The Led Zeppelin Masters – Symphony Hall, Birmingham

John Kennedy
April 25, 2017

Forty-seven years ago this June a windy rain-swept Bath Festival of Blues & Progressive Music Festival played host to a quartet of hirsute sonic savants about to take on the world and its oyster for a stadium stomping, Holiday Inn trashing, shark-infested daughters’ abusing (allegedly) escalator ride to Valhalla and back. On a mission from God, Yardbirds émigré, dilettante iconoclast, Jimmy Page, called in some Black Country grit with the leather-lunged leonine Adonis, Robert Plant, together with anvil head-butting power drummer the late John Bonham. Throwing multi-instrumentalist, John Paul Jones’, napalm into this cauldron of aural carnage volatility was just asking for it. And Page got it in spades; he knew exactly what he was doing.

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Led Zeppelin Masters Review featuring Vince Contarino & the Black Dog Orchestra

Cliffs Pavilion, Southend on Sea
26th April 2017

Led Zeppelin are usually categorised as classic rock, but really their music was more than that. It incorporated blues, folk, hard rock and they are credited with being responsible for heavy metal. Metal and classical music may seem like strange bedfellows, but in fact the roots of heavy music can be linked to Baroque composers like Bach and Wagner who inspired the like of Deep Purple and Black Sabbath.

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Power of Led Zeppelin takes Zep Boys all the way to the Opera House

Chris Hook, Arts writer, The Daily Telegraph
January 13, 2016

IT BEGAN as a one-night stand but ended up being a marriage that has lasted decades.

This year marks the 30th anniversary of the Zep Boys, one of Australia’s best-loved tribute acts and an outfit that began when Adelaide rocker Vince Contarino got together with some muso mates for a night of Led Zeppelin covers.

The event went down so well, they took it on the road.

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Zep Boys Performing Stairway To Heaven

Robert Plant has been known to downplay Zeppelin’s most famous moment, calling ‘Stairway to Heaven’ a “nice, pleasant, well meaning, naive little song.” > next

Zep Boys Collage