Zep Boys

Zep Boys are the world’s leading Led Zeppelin live show entertaining audiences since 1986.

The Zep Boys are a remarkable story from its inception right up to the current day. The music industry is arguably one of the most competitive markets in entertainment today.

So why have a concept band from Adelaide South Australia succeeded at the highest level in their genre for almost 30 years?

Many people have shared their opinion with me over the years but this is what I believe.

“The music of Led Zeppelin is now part of music and social history it needs no introduction or explanation. Older and new generations alike still listen to their music catalogue. Zeppelin has become immortal and is now classical rather than pop, it transcends fashion and market trends.

In 1986, the thought of performing an entire program of Led Zeppelin songs live on stage not only terrified me but almost made me want to give up playing all together. The fear of not having the ability or confidence to perform what I believed was the ultimate in rock music was fundamentally the inspiration to accept the challenge. This was to become a project of passion love and integrity.

Success would only be measured by the execution of the music. What was to happen next was totally unexpected. > Read More

Zep Boys Vince Contarino Photo Awakening Vixen

Zep Boys Collage